Rest of Europe embraced the Property Guardian concept, how about your city?

The innovative Property Guardian Concept was developed in Amsterdam, when many buildings were empty. Whilst on the other hand the city was facing a shortage of affordable temporary housing for key workers, starters and students. Property owners, like city council, educational and health institutions, housing organizations and churches then invited Camelot to place Guardians in temporary vacant buildings as their eyes and ears. The properties were protected by occupation from squatting, vandalism, theft and derelict during the vacancy period. Owners saved on security costs, insurance premiums and the properties were given a temporary use as affordable rooms for the Guardians. A win-win concept for all, with over 100.000 Guardians living on temporary licenses in a wide variety of properties, from former hospitals, schools and churches to even railroad stations, industrial estates and monumental castles and monasteries. The initiative created a lasting change in The Netherlands and has proven to be a much wanted, safe, clean and effective solution to put unused buildings to use. Almost 90% of Dutch councils, housing organizations and church institutes have used the Property Guardian concept over the last 30 years.

Since 2002 we have introduced the concept successfully to the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ireland and Belgium. Camelot has since protected over 10.000 projects, creating over 100.000 temporary rooms in over 1.000 cities across Europe. We love to introduce our successful Property Guardian Concept to your city too.

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